WomeNetwork is excited to partner with HEART OF ALL WOMEN, a new Global Women’s Online Sanctuary, to bring to you Women Leaders from all around the world to your home or office through their unique Global Virtual Panels.

Heart of All Women has created a “Women’s Global Healing & Empowerment Fest” to support women of diverse cultures to heal the adversity they have faced as females in their world. We will heal together and empower each other through the gift of women sharing our stories, sitting around a Virtual Kitchen Table that transcends borders and distance. 🙂

We are thrilled to introduce you to these power house female leaders from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Canada and the U.S. We love being able to bring these women to you, because we all know when women gather, together we WILL change the world!

Black Women Panel

Konda Mason – USA

Konda is CEO & Co-Founder of Impact Hub Oakland, one of most successful of the 90+ IMPACT HUB Co-working spaces and Incubators for Social Entrepreneurs around the world. She is a global Thought Leader and Change Maker, who has spoken on stage at Wisdom 2.0, SOCAP, Social Venture Network, Bioneers, Permaculture Convergence, SF Green Festival, Living the New Economy Conference and many more. Konda has led Yoga Retreats at the world-renowned Spirit Rock and Eco-tourism journeys with Pachamama Alliance. She was the first to bring organic produce to the Los Angeles supermarkets, in addition to being an accomplished filmmaker with an Academy Award nomination!

Dr. Venus Opal Reese – USA

Dr. Venus, The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™, is an acclaimed international speaker; CEO Mindset, Messaging and Marketing Mentor; and entrepreneur coach with a sweet spot for teaching primarily black women in business how to break the million dollar mark—on their own terms. Dr. Venus went from living on the streets and eating out of trashcans to obtaining two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. She worked as a university professor before investing in herself by testing her entrepreneurial skills. Her business, Defy Impossible, grossed $ 4 million five years after launching.

Marian Spier – Netherlands

Marian from the Netherlands is a visionary social entrepreneur and strategy consultant. She was a manager/lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. In 2012 she started consulting and has built a diverse portfolio of clients that range across industries and size like the United Nations, World Humanitarian Summit, Unesco, TEDx in Europe, the Caribbean and TED. Marian also mentored and trained many young female entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Poland, US, Algeria, Caribbean, and Moldova. She founded the first Female Startup Award in the Netherlands and serves as an advisor and board member of several non-profit organizations, including Humanity in Action.

Aretha Mare – Zimbabwe

Aretha is a STEM leader (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) based out of Zimbabwe. She is a 2013 Fellow from the prestigious U.S. State Dept’s. TechWomen program, where she spent a month working in a Silicon Valley high-tech company. Aretha is Co-Founder of Impact Hub Harare, part of a Global network of collaborative spaces, entrepreneurial communities, and capacity building programs that inspire, connect and enable social enterprise companies in 90+ cities. She is also a Leadership Council Member of WeTech Africa. She is passionate about women empowerment and using STEM for socio-economic development.

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Asian Women Panel

Samra Zafar – Canadian Pakistani

Samra is an International Speaker, Human Rights Activist, Scholar, Author and Founder of Brave Beginnings. After arriving in Canada as a child bride in a forced marriage and escaping a decade of abuse, she pursued her education as a single mother, and proudly graduated with a Masters degree, winning over a dozen awards and scholarships. Today, she serves as the youngest alumni Governor for the University of Toronto, while pursuing a rewarding career in commercial banking. Samra’s story has been featured in prominent media, including Toronto Life, CTV, CBC, Global News, Yahoo, and many others, with her video story getting 7.5 million views within two months!

Ruby Yeh – Chinese American

Ruby is the Founder of the HEART OF ALL WOMEN a Women-only Global Online Sanctuary, that just recently launched! It is a Silicon Valley Start-up that is a for-profit Social Enterprise. This new venture is a continuation of Ruby’s career as an executive in Fortune 500s, VC-backed Start-up Companies, and her first Interactive TV Community Software Start-up, funded with $750,000 by Angel Investors. More recently she was a Publisher in the Transformational Field and her company made over 500 people best-selling authors in 15 Chicken-soup style books, in partnership with top industry brands like eWomenNetwork, Peak Potentials, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and many more.

Dame Wendy Tan – Malaysia

Wendy is a successful CEO Entrepreneur in a male dominated industry of Engineering Services. She joined the company in 1989 when it had $100K in revenue and bought it 10 years later. Last year her company generated $80 million in sales with a team of 192, including a division for social entrepreneur training. She accomplished such success in spite of having a very trying start in life, which later turned into a fairy tale. The tenacity of her Spirit has allowed her to achieve the “impossible” in whatever she sets her heart to achieve, including delivering her first son at the age of 54!

Niña Terol – Philippines

Niña heads Corporate Affairs for the largest multinational marketing communications firm in the Philippines and is a founding trustee of the women’s organization Business & Professional Women (BPW) Makati. She is a “communicator, connector, and changemaker,” whose 18-year career has spanned the corporate, non-profit, creative enterprise, government, media, and academic sectors. She co-founded Kick Fire Kitchen, a team of Manila-based motivators and idea catalysts who are passionate about inspiring creativity, innovation, and purpose-driven professional growth. At the same time, she is also an author, educator, public speaker, and a mentor for startups and entrepreneurs.

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Arab Women Panel

Samah Safi Bayazid – USA originally from Jordan

Samah is a 28-year-old award-winning filmmaker who lives in Washington DC. She studied filmmaking and screenwriting at New York Film Academy and became a filmmaker at age 22, to become one of the first professional Muslim women filmmakers in the industry. Samah brought her Middle Eastern understanding to the West, to produce unique humanitarian and bridge-building entertainment for audiences in the West and East, such as Short films, TV Campaigns & Programs, Documentaries and Music videos. Samah hopes that her work will help build bridges between audiences from different cultures and backgrounds and leads an active following of 250,000+ Social Media fans.

Sarah Abdallah – Lebanon

Sarah, a TECHWOMEN graduate, has six years of experience in the technical sector and four years of volunteering experience with six social organizations. She recently founded a social enterprise named LIBRO whose mission is to turn youth challenges into opportunities. It’s also an NGO aiming to empower women to get leading positions in both professional and political sectors. She is currently the deputy secretary general of a new political party in Lebanon since Sarah believes that one of the main drivers of change is policy making.

Maha Ech-Chefaa – Morocco

Maha is a passionate about community work and has been involved with many initiatives since 2003. Currently working as a Global PMO at Enactus Morocco, she is particularly interested in how technology and entrepreneurship could bring positive social change. She participates in numerous initiatives and projects in Morocco through various organisations: Junior Chamber International (JCI), Moroccan CISE” (Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship) and Google Business Group (GBG). She is also Alumni of International programs: TechWomen, Enpact and Ashoka Changemaker Xchange. In 2014, she founded “Leeham” an initiative aiming to empower underserved women in Morocco by creating business opportunities for them.

Sahar Nafal — Palestinian American

Sahar is founder of “The Bright Side of Life” Women’s Community, the largest women in business community in Northern California. She is a master at community building and is an international speaker who has devoted her business to assisting women to build stronger, deeper, and more passionate communities worldwide. A Palestinian Christian Woman, Sahar was born in Kuwait, lived in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, before immigrating to the Bay Area 40 years ago. Her life’s work is inspired by her late mother, Nuha Kassis Nafal, a widely respected Palestinian author, poet, healer and peace activist.

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Latina Women's Panel

Dame Mabel Katz – USA originally from Argentina

Mabel is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, world peace ambassador and creator of Zero Frequency®, a state where people become free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk. She is recognized as a leading authority on Ho’oponopono, which she calls in her book “The Easiest Way” to happiness, love and wealth. Mabel has also been honored as a Peace Ambassador for her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, which was launched at the United Nations. She is constantly traveling the world, bringing her unique Peace Work to many, including her devoted following of 700,000+ social media fans around the globe.

Dame DC Cordova – USA originally from Chile

DC is the CEO/owner of Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You® a global organization with over 105,000 graduates from over 80 countries since 1979. Her programs have inspired many of today’s top transformational / wealth experts. She is also the Global Business Developer for the world’s leading solar architect in her endeavors to support the greening of the world and distribution of solar products to emerging nations. She is a best-selling author, philanthropist and an educator of humanitarians. She is committed to the transformation of educational systems around the world and to eradicating poverty and hunger.

Dr. Betty Uribe – USA originally from Colombia

Dr. Betty leads the $3.5 billion business and retail banking for CA Bank & Trust and is a turnaround expert in the financial industry. She is an authority in “value based leadership” and peak performance and just published the best-selling book, #Values: The Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business & Life. Dr. Betty has worked with leaders from every walk of life and is frequently honored for her strategic, intellectual and humanitarian endeavors. She sits on the boards of USC, Pepperdine, and many others and was just named by Fortune Magazine as one of the “The 50 Most Powerful Latinas of 2017”.

Lilly Wong – Mexico

Lilly is a multi-lingual “Life Architect” and dancer fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. In her early 30’s, Lilly appeared to “have it all” – marriage and a prosperous career. Yet a panic attack woke her up to realizing something profound was missing from her life: her own True Self. So she left it all behind to go within and rediscover her unique expression in the world. Now she travels the globe with the Kryon Team, sharing her unique dance and coaching program to empower women to call forth their inner voice and step into the next chapter of their lives.

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